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Windscreen Repair Kit We Use

ProVac Zoom

Highest Rated Windshield Repair Kit

More Repairs In Less Time
The ProVac Zoom is the worlds fastest injector.
Virtually Impossible To Overtighten
Achieve a perfect repair, each & every time.
Simple To Use
No more guess work. Easy to learn.
Innovative Technology
The ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair.
Eliminate Stress
Z-mount technology eliminates the torque effect a threaded injector inherently creates.
Lifetime Warranty
Stainless steel injector backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.

The ProCur+ Is The Fastest Curing Light Fully Curing In Less Than 1 Minute

ProCur+ gives a 360º cure in less than one minute. It also features a built-in visual timing logo. Just press the button and the logo pulses until the curing is complete. Saving up to five minutes per repair.

Windscreen Replacement Tos We Use

SOLO® NEO™ Standard Kit


The SOLO NEO is the best designed, highest quality, most economical setting tool ever!

  • The lightest setting tool available--25% lighter than the SOLO II.
  • NEW durable, hard sided case.
  • Smaller, lighter tool is easier to use, less expensive to ship and takes up less room in your truck.


  • Reversible arm that works from either side of the vehicle.
  • Extendable arm for windshields of all sizes.
  • Flexible design that works with ANY windshield curvature.
  • Patented drop-pin that ensures a smooth final set with no disturbance of the urethane.
  • Safety suction-loss warning and redundant, double suction cup design.
  • Hardened steel and aircraft aluminum construction.
  • Maximum safe working load of 75lbs/34kg.
  • One year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
CE Certified for occupational health and safety by an independent testing laboratory. Conforms with European Commission Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, Annex I.


WRD – Orange Bat – Kit 300 K

Cutting fiber line removal system.
Provides safe and efficient auto glass panel removal.

  • Dual spindle design
  • Cordless drill or hand crank operation via top connection
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