Company Profile


Our company is a windshield specialist workshop located in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. We offer windscreen replacement, windscreen repair as well as tinting services. Our company uses the most advanced import tools and machinery in the industry to help accomplish every request our customers make. In addition, TOP TCY AUTO GLASS also provides insurance claims services and road tax renewals.

Car Windshield

The car windshield is our 'protective umbrella' to avoid the wind. The choice of high-security automotive glass can also protect our personal safety in special circumstances. Our windshield experts have extensive experience in solving many windshield problems and even water leaks. In order to enable customers to drive safely, TOP TCY AUTO GLASS always provides the best glass materials and its impact resistance is also very good.

Customer Services

We pride on our services and also allow our customers to register for appointments as well as pick up services (Comply to T&C). Our windscreen specialists have a tremendous amount of experience, solved countless amount windscreen problems and even water leaking issues.
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