Windscreen Repair
Windscreen Repair Repair Windscreen Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Damansara Service, Centre | Top TCY Auto Glass ProVac Zoom (Windscreen Repair Tools)

Windscreen Repair Kit We Use

ProVac Zoom

Highest Rated Windshield Repair Kit

More Repairs In Less Time
The ProVac Zoom is the worlds fastest injector.
Virtually Impossible To Overtighten
Achieve a perfect repair, each & every time.
Simple To Use
No more guess work. Easy to learn.
Innovative Technology
The ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair.
Eliminate Stress
Z-mount technology eliminates the torque effect a threaded injector inherently creates.
Lifetime Warranty
Stainless steel injector backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.

The ProCur+ Is The Fastest Curing Light Fully Curing In Less Than 1 Minute

ProCur+ gives a 360º cure in less than one minute. It also features a built-in visual timing logo. Just press the button and the logo pulses until the curing is complete. Saving up to five minutes per repair.

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